Motor Cross Gear

Motor Cross Gear

Starting your hobby of riding motorbikes will only be challenging initially because you have to collect essential gears with the entire understanding of how each one will perform. Motorcross brands compete to provide the full range of proper gears with the right quality and features for the ride.

The first thing of focus when shopping for Motorcross gears is to look at the quality of the clothes, and the second is to make sure the tailoring can fit you with minimal adjustments or customization. We have explained some things that you will find helpful when looking for your ideal style of road motorcycle gear, and then you can use the information to browse around and fine-tune your picks to your preference.

Types Of Motor Cross Attires To Shop Motorcycle Gear From Wicked Family

  • Gloves
  • ID kits
  • Pants
  • Jerseys
  • Gear sets

Most Important Motorcross Gears And How To Choose The Best One


The full-face helmet is crucial because it protects your body's most vulnerable part: the head. Experienced bikers know they cannot afford to ride without one because head injuries are more severe than other types. Choose a helmet with exceptional standards that is also lightweight, allows proper ventilation, and is comfortable for you to keep on for a long time. Some helmets go above and beyond the basics by including technology to improve your vision, protect your cheeks and offer extra cushioning against spine injuries.  

The designs and features of a helmet differ with various brands, so take some time to find one that meets most of your requirements. We are currently not selling helmets in our collection of the best motorcycle gear, but we recommend you do some research to get yourself the best ones in the market.


The debris that your bike digs up will be flung into the air, and some of it will hit your body. Well-designed dirtbike pants are as crucial as any other gear because they protect your legs and offer more comfort against the dirt.

Choose your pants by the type of riding because different terrains will produce different types of obstacles and dirt. Get the lightweight pants when riding on a track, but bulk up and find a heavier option when riding on dirt roads that need more protection.


The abdomen area will not suffer many injuries if you are off the bike, but your elbows and back will take a hit. Choose a lightweight shirt when riding on smooth roads with minimal chances of injury because you can always pair them up with pads around the elbows and your back.

Leather and polyester are the better materials when riding on rough roads that present a risk of injury in the event of an accident.


Almost all the action on bikes comes from the movement of your hands. Suitable gloves give you a firm grip to tide perfectly while protecting your skin against abrasions and blisters.

We have a lot of different types of gloves in-store, and you can find one that fits your size, is flexible, and is soft for the ultimate comfort.

Both professionals and amateurs need Motorcross gears no matter the degree of the sport’s intensity. Check out the store today to start making your order of motorcycle clothing and helmets.

Motor Cross Gear

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