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Transmission Rebuild Las Vegas

Transmission Rebuild Las Vegas

Concluding that the transmission is the source of your car’s problems leads to an entirely new way of drawing solutions. Many people make the mistake of bringing in their vehicle without understanding which exact solution will fix the car. The best mechanic needs to explain which of the 800 different parts needs a fix, even if only one has an issue.

Some technicians may choose to do away with the entire system instead of tampering with all the different parts. Your transmission will not work as well as it should even if you miss only one part. We will take your entire system apart to inspect parts that need replacement or repair. The complicated process is too intense for the average driver and will typically require a very high compensation.

The process of a transmission rebuild

The process lengthy process of rebuilding a transmission adheres to the following steps.


It is religious to clean the automatic crisper transmission before installing a new transmission. The cooler will expel debris from previous transmissions, which are harmful to the newly rebuilt transmission.

Changing the fluid

This stage is the easiest and most affordable. Dirty and old transmission fluid will usually decrease fuel economy and cause a massive shift in the oil’s density and motion. Changing the oil can cost as little as $100 or less.

Checking trouble codes

The mechanic will check the car’s computer system to note the hard shifts and slipping of the transmission. This process is essential because one can reveal whether the system only needs replacement of easy parts like sensors.

Test drive inspection

The technician will then remove the car from the working area and take it for a road test drive to evaluate any differences or improvements. The final stage before returning the vehicle to the owner is quality assurance to ascertain the following:

  • Absence of leaks
  • Proper fluid level
  • Missing or loose bolts
  • Fastened electrical harnesses

How much is the transmission rebuild in Las Vegas?

There is no particular way of setting a concrete cost for the service. Different mechanics have different pricing systems for the varied labor and replacement parts. Additionally, your car will draw a completely different diagnostic report from other vehicles with similar transmission issues. The average price of transmission rebuild in Las Vegas falls between $1400 and $3000.

Can you save money on the transmission rebuild?

Unfortunately, we are all out of commission when the transmission is at fault. Is there a way to get your car back without breaking the bank? Here are a couple of tips that will save your eventual cost:

  • Using the warranty after following the detailed maintenance schedule
  • Consider asking for a possible repair instead of replacing the entire unit – A skilled mechanic should advise whether you need a rebuild instead of the more expensive factory setting replacement.
  • Be keen on all the signs of developing problems so you can cut down the eventual service fee.

There is not much you save if you ignore your car or visit the worst-reviewed mechanic in town. Our transmission rebuild in Las Vegas has a sufficient number of positive reviews that will support your choice to visit the store. Check out our detailed report of the process and contact us to book your vehicle.

Transmission Rebuild Las Vegas
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Transmission Rebuild Las Vegas
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